• Greater Manchester, UK
  • £36,000 - £40,000 per annum
  • Permanent

Role Purpose

Deliver safe quality care for patients during their peri-operative phase of care. To lead and manage a team, coordinating staff training needs and resource requirements within a peri-operative function or surgical speciality.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience of working within theatres Scrub, Anaesthesia and Recovery.
  • Must be ODP/RGN qualified and have a valid HCPC/NMC registration
  • Private Hospital experience
  • Cosmetic / plastics experience

CoreResponsibilitiesand Key Accountabilities

  • Lead the team to deliver care that helps improve the health of the individual and wider
  • Lead the team in demonstrating compassion through effective relationships based on empathy, respect and
  • Develop own competence to deliver effective care and treatments through improving clinical/technical knowledge / skill, and
  • Communicate appropriately with others involved in the care of the
  • Act as an advocate for safeguarding patients; demonstrate courage to speak up when there are concerns about
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving care and the patient
  • Lead in the delivery of patient care, acting as functional / specialist
  • Ensure that patient safety checks are carried out in accordance with the policy and that all practitioners adhere to the
  • Contribute to quality
  • Develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of others and self.
  • Promote best evidence-based practice within own scope of
  • Apply legislation, policies and procedures
  • Achieve agreed objectives and demonstrating MPH behavioursbehaviors at all
  • Respect the patient's dignity, privacy, wishes and beliefs.
  • Maintain knowledge of Health and Safety at Work Ensuring appropriate measures are taken in respect of Health and Safety for patients, relatives, visitors, hospital staff and contractors.
  • Develop a strategy for peri-operative function and/or speciality service, including training and resource needs and implement an action plan to meet
  • Act as clinical specialist in relation peri-operative function and/or

  • Ensure that consumables and specialist equipment is available in advance of booked procedures.
  • Assemble, check and prepare the appropriate surgical equipment, instruments and consumables for a wide range of operative
  • The ability to coordinate the use of the supplies and additional equipment during an operating list ensuring the equipment is used appropriately and safely.
  • Conduct mandatory patient checks in accordance with policy, WHO Checklist and NPSA Five Steps to Surgical
  • Monitor the patients' conditions as relevant to role within peri-operative function taking appropriate action to manage any arising complications through contingency
  • Communicate appropriately with others in the multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of the
  • Monitor, order, receive and check stock items including prosthesis, equipment/instruments and drugs as relevant to peri-operative
  • Delivery of quality care within the CQC standards relevant to the
  • Administer any drugs or fluids in accordance with the appropriate
  • Ensure any accidents or complaints are fully documented and that the appropriate senior manager is
  • Complete all written documentation in a timely manner and to an acceptable
  • Actively contribute to changes in practice and policies when changes have arisen which may follow an audit, complaint or newly issued guidance.
  • Commitment to ensuring quality services are delivered to both internal & external stakeholders through continuous improvement
  • Compliance with MPH Policies and Procedures relevant to this role, ensuring you are fully aware of your responsibilities within these
  • Demonstrate awareness of regulatory requirements, taking appropriate action to ensure these are implemented and adhered to.
  • Ensure compliance with all Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures understanding your role in the prevention of infection in patients and
  • To be aware of your responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and vulnerable To ensure you are aware of your responsibilities, supporting policies and undertake the appropriate level of training for your role.
  • Participate in hospital cover / clinical manager on-call rotas including weeknights and weekend
  • Undertaking specific role related competencies and learning, ensuring 100% compliance of all relevant mandatory training within MPH Learn

Additional Duties, where applicable


  • Assemble, check and prepare the appropriate anaesthetic equipment, emergency drugs and consumables for a wide range of operative procedures incorporating various types of anaesthetic
  • Conduct mandatory patient safety checks in conjunction with the team and according to policy, including 'pause' prior to administration of regional anaesthetic
  • Assist the Anaesthetist throughout the perioperative phase of care

  • Assist the Anaesthetist in monitoring the patients condition throughout the procedure, taking appropriate action to manage any arising complications through contingency planning
  • Work as part of the operating team to provide safe quality care to the patient throughout the procedure


  • Complete mandatory surgical checks prior to the start of the surgical procedure, during and pre wound closure in line with Ensuring that all swab, instrument and needle counts are conducted and documented
  • SFA/SCP refer to relevant role profile if practitioner is trained and competent to undertake the role


  • Assemble, prepare and check the appropriate recovery equipment, consumables and drugs to ensure appropriate and safe care of the patient during immediate post-operative phase of care
  • The ability to coordinate the use of supplies and additional equipment during the immediate post- operative phase of care ensuring the equipment is used appropriately and safely
  • Assist the Anaesthetist during the immediate post-operative phase of care as and when required
  • Monitor the patient's condition throughout the phase of care, taking appropriate action to manage any arising complications through contingency planning
  • Proactively monitor the patient's level of discomfort/pain and take appropriate action to ensure the patient is comfortable

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