Why be a nurse?

Why did you get into nursing?  Was it a long-held ambition or a slow burn?  Did you dress in your nurses outfit as a child and “heal” all those who stayed still long enough to allow it?  Or was it a growing sense of admiration as you moved through childhood to your teens, a burgeoning respect for what these people did for you and what you now do for others?

Nursing can be tough. The long hours.  The night shifts.  The changing stance of Government ministers.

But you can be the inspiration to a future generation.  With the last three months containing such unspeakable tragedies, tragedies some would be unfortunate to see across a lifetime rather than 90 days, the one solace people took was your (and the other emergency services’) work.  The dedication, expertise and, above all, the togetherness demonstrated was enough to help begin a nation’s recovery.  The hope you offered simply by doing your job should not and will not ever be underestimated, never mind forgotten.

This week has seen a deficit in the number of nurses leaving the profession vs those entering for the first time in a decade.  We know that it’s a difficult job.  We know it’s a job that will test you.  We know that not every person is right for the job.  But we think we do know how to look after you and your colleagues.  If you need a breath of fresh air, or require a break from the day-to-day grind of shift work then come and take a look at what we can offer you.  Even if it’s only a part-time move, we’re confident we can help. 


About the author
Ash Higgs Managing Director

Ash Higgs is the Managing Director of MCG Healthcare. He has a long-demonstrated history working in recruitment and has now been involved in the medical industry for over 5 years. During this time, he has gained a strong understanding of the issues that both Primary & Secondary Care are facing regarding the recruitment of healthcare professionals.

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