What is a Healthcare Advocate?

Healthcare is a very broad term that covers a huge variety of procedures, specialists, conditions and so much more. This is where healthcare advocates come into play. A healthcare advocate’s main goal is to help patients understand the treatment they need and how to get it, but they offer so much more than that. 

As previously stated, healthcare advocates help patients understand what treatment they need, the specialists that can provide the right care and how they can get the process started. Some healthcare advocates will even help you start this process. Healthcare advocates are also there to answer questions about your treatment and will be there to help you every step of the process, from knowing who to go to, to specific questions about your treatment they will help you understand. 

Healthcare advocates will also listen to any concerns you have about the treatment you are receiving, the medicine you are taking and other parts of the process. They will help you make decisions and if necessary, they will help you challenge any decisions you disagree with and can write letters and organize meetings to support you. 

Your council will help you find an advocate and provide one if you do not have one or are unsure how to find one. Your council will provide an advocate if you have difficulty understanding and remembering information, communicating your views and concerns, and understanding the pros and cons of different treatment options. 

A healthcare advocate is there to help you get the right treatment and feel comfortable with that treatment. They will support you throughout the whole process, will listen to your concerns and feelings and will make sure you understand everything about the treatment you are receiving. 

About the author
Simon Watson Healthcare Writer

Simon Watson is a copy writer with a passion for research and an interesting in all thing’s healthcare. Writing about healthcare requires a lot of research and fact checking before even starting the writing process, this is why Simon finds it so rewarding to write articles about this important industry.

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