Top Entry Level Healthcare Positions

An incredibly important part of beginning your healthcare career is knowing where to start and what jobs to apply for. There is an incredible amount of healthcare opportunities out there for both highly qualified candidates and candidates without years of specialised training. MCG Healthcare specialises in providing the best healthcare jobs to our candidates. We’ve made this list of the best entry level options for anyone seeking a career in healthcare.  


Registered Nurse 

Registered nurses work anywhere patients receive any kind of medical care, such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and even schools. Registered nurses work closely with patients and their families, providing emotional support and organising the right kind of care for their patients. With hard work and dedication, being a registered nurse can be a meaningful and well-paying healthcare career. 


A&E Nurse 

A&E nurses are registered nurses who work with patients with life-threatening conditions or those who need critical care. This type of nursing work often offers flexible schedules and rewarding life-saving work. There is often a lot of pressure that comes with this position, but helping your patients recover is a fulfilling achievement and will quickly earn you useful experience that will help advance your career and expertise. 


Medical Assistant 

Medical assistants help with administrative and clinical tasks needed to keep clinics, healthcare facilities, chiropractor offices and practices running smoothly and effectively. A large part of this job’s responsibilities includes scheduling appointments, supporting patients, and performing minor clinical work. This job does not require a lot of prior training and teaches you a lot of universal skills that can help advance your healthcare career. 


Home Care Assistant

Home care assistants typically take care of clients in their own residence. They assist with their client’s basic needs and personal tasks, such as bathing, dressing, driving, etc. Occasionally home care assistants also help with housework, cleaning, cooking and laundry, this depends on the type of home care assistant job you are applying for. This is a great entry level healthcare job with a lot of openings and positions available. Home care assistants tend to work under the supervision of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. 


Take your first step into the amazing world of healthcare and start a fulfilling and rewarding career with us today. We know healthcare and we know how to treat our candidates well. Register with MCG Healthcare for jobs that offer no less than living wage, and talented expert consultants who can find you the perfect job. Browse our latest vacancies today.


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