The turnaround...

Recently we seem to be seeing negative post after negative post about general practice on social media. GP Surgeries not fit for purpose, GP Surgeries under staffed, GP Surgeries this, GPs that... it goes on.

But why is there never anything positive? Why does the best health service in the world always get such bad press? 

There are more GPs training this year than there have been for years, with more practices successfully recruiting salaried GPs now then at any point in the past five years.

GP Surgeries are being more proactive with their recruitment, with some adopting new models of care and Pharmacists, Physician associates & ANPs are being brought into General Practice in increasing numbers. One of the main positives we’ve noticed is that GPs don’t seem to be as overworked as they have been before, enabling them to have a better work life balance, without effecting service levels as patients get seen quicker and GPs are able to prioritise patients. 

Speaking to practices and GPs all day, every day, we feel that there is more good and positivity coming in to General Practice than in previous years gone by, especially within the last six months. Overall, we feel that the state of the NHS and General Practice is superb and the fact that we at MCG Healthcare can be a very small part of making it better makes our job all worthwhile. 

About the author
Roberto Orlandi Recruitment Manager

Roberto Orlandi is the GP Recruitment Manager at MCG Healthcare. He specialises in working on large scale recruitment campaigns within the Primary Care Sector but predominately with GPs. Having spent over seven years in the industry, he has a passion for providing solutions to the NHS and ensuring patients receive the care they deserve.

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