Texting in a Time of Need

Earlier this week, our Director Jane Couper posted the above on LinkedIn, and the response was astonishing!

But why did this post resonate with people more than our usual posts?

2017 has been the year when the focus was flipped away from mental ill-health to exploring how we can cultivate good mental health. With a plethora of advice available on how we can build good mental health in the workplace, our digital worlds, within our communities, schools, families and as individuals - there is a distinct shift in balance from just ‘surviving to thriving’.

It is well documented that the Samaritans do fantastic work. They unconditionally care about people without prejudice – a feat that is few and far between, saving people from the very depths of despair and helping them to find new starts.  But it’s widely acknowledged that it’s tough to talk about mental issues, particularly a stranger at the end of a phone. 

This texting service acts as an intermediary.  You don’t have to pour your innermost fears out to someone over the phone if you’d rather not, you can put all your feelings into a message, take as long as you need to consider if your feelings are being conveyed appropriately, edit if necessary and then send it to the Samaritans in a digital message in a bottle.  Sometimes the social pressure of simply talking to someone can put people off sourcing the help they need.  This is a huge step forward for those in-need.

The idea is a simple one and it’s incredibly accessible, but it could make an enormous difference to so many people, which is why we think this has struck a chord with so many people.  If you’re in need, this is almost certainly a resource you can make use of. 

So spread the word, raise awareness and share the news with everyone you can, this service could be the lifeline that someone is searching for.


About the author
Ash Higgs Managing Director

Ash Higgs is the Managing Director of MCG Healthcare. He has a long-demonstrated history working in recruitment and has now been involved in the medical industry for over 5 years. During this time, he has gained a strong understanding of the issues that both Primary & Secondary Care are facing regarding the recruitment of healthcare professionals.

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