It Was You

It was you.

It was you who held the hand when they weren’t sure if they were ready for it.

It was you who stayed long after your shift had ended because you were just as excited as they were to find out whether it was a boy or a girl.

It was you who made sure everything was ok and sent them home for the first time.

It was you who helped them navigate the tricky waters of parenthood.

It was you who held the hand when the partner was in surgery.

It was you who reassured when the son had a fall.

It was you who held them when the doctor delivered the news.

It was you who hugged them when they got the all clear.

It was you who spoon fed the grandmother when she needed it most.

It was you who cared.

It was you.

Today of all days we wanted to say thank you to our nurses and to all nurses.  Every day you go to work you deal with the good and the bad and you do it in a way that only you can. You care. You love. You grieve. You don’t expect anything in return but today we want to thank you.

Being a nurse is not just your profession, it’s who you are. You may not realise it, but you are in our thoughts long after we have returned home.

Thank you.

About the author
Rachael McAteer Communications Manager

Rachael is the Group Marketing & Communications Manager at The MCG Group. With a background in public relations, Rachael has worked within marketing for 13 years, specifically in the healthcare, construction, technology, aerospace and education sectors. An avid blogger, Rachael ensures our Group sites are the go-to place for the latest industry news and opinion pieces. 

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