How to Get into Healthcare

Healthcare is a diverse and interesting field to pursue a career in. There are so many branches and specialisms to follow, potentially lucrative pay, rewarding experiences and so much more. Finding the specialism that works best for you is one thing but getting your foot in the door in the industry is another story entirely. Learn how to get into healthcare with this easy guide and get your career started on the right root. 

Know What You’re Getting Into 

Healthcare jobs can be romanticised thanks to popular media and your favourite medical series. The reality is that this field comes with a lot of benefits, but a lot of stress. The money, career progression and rewarding experiences are some of the many benefits to healthcare work, but the profession requires a lot of dedication, endurance, hard work and adaptability. Despite this, many would argue that even with the high levels of stress medical and healthcare careers are worth it overall. 


Because the healthcare industry is so broad and has so many different types of jobs and career specialisations, there are jobs for just about every level of education. Orderlies and Pharmacy Technicians are examples of jobs that offer on-the-job-training to specialists, however positions such as GPs and Surgeons require medical degrees.  

There are many opportunities within the industry, and having the right education is the most important part of landing the healthcare and medical positions you want. Being qualified is what will get you the experience you need to get the most out of your career and start your journey on this incredible career path. 

Background and Traits 

As mentioned earlier, healthcare careers require the right skills and traits. It is important to sell yourself through your qualifications, achievements and by proving that you have what it takes to make it in this line of work. Being a team player, coping with high levels of stress, commitment, good people interpersonal skills, a studious mind, passion, and dedication are the most sought-after traits employers look for in their healthcare staff. These are invaluable skills to have to show off for everyone in this career - from Interns to Senior Nurses and GPs.  


Securing your dream healthcare position requires the right experience. Volunteering at hospitals, blood drives, nursing homes and other healthcare related settings is a sure-fire way of becoming a more viable choice for the positions you apply to. Education, experience, and the right traits are the selling points, but having a reference from someone in the industry is an invaluable addition to your resume. Talking about your achievements during your studies or talking about times you took initiative and showed passion for your work can really make the difference. 


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