GP interview: What questions to expect and how to prepare

After a successful application, how can you prepare for a GP interview? Interviews are always daunting, no matter the job or the amount of experience a person has. It is important to remember you have worked hard to get in the position you are in.

Here are some things to expect when preparing for your GP interview:

GP interview: Scenario-based questions

While many interview questions are standard, some will differ. The topic of some questions will depend on the main demographic of that GP practice.

For example, a GP surgery with more elderly patients than young might focus on different scenarios. An interviewer may ask a question based on respiratory problems if their surgery has more elderly patients. If there are more younger patients, the scenario topic may focus on sexual health.

GP interview: Theory-based questions

In most cases a clinical professional, such as a GP or manager, will be present in the interview. This is where your theory knowledge will be tested. They will often ask the more technical questions, so be sure to revise what you have already learned.

GP interview: Experience-based questions

The remainder of the questions are typical for any job interview. They will focus on experience, so remember to highlight everything you have done that will be relevant. Whether it is what you learned at university or at a previous job, it is still important.

As expected, there will also be questions based on qualifications. So, it is very important to have all of them up to date before your GP interview. Qualifications should be up-to-date before applying for the role, so this should not be an issue.

GP interview: Salary

Finally, the candidate will be asked what they are expecting from their salary. It is good to research the pay range for GPs as they can vary in different areas. However, pay can also depend on the employer themselves and demand for GPs in that location. If you have any specialist interests i.e. dermatology, gynaecology, joint injections etc this can also offer an increase in expected salary.

Like any job, it is important for applicants to thoroughly prepare for their GP interview. If you have not got to that stage yet, find out how to become a GP in our other blog.

About the author
Nitesh Patel Recruitment Consultant

Nitesh Patel is a Recruitment Consultant at MCG Healthcare, specialising in placing General Practitioners on a salaried and locum basis throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Nitesh enjoys building long-lasting relationships with GPs.

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