GP Application Timeline: What You Need To Know

Becoming a general practitioner (GP) is universally seen as a respected and rewarding career. Now you have completed what it takes to become one, what can you expect from the GP application process?

GP Application: Step One

Firstly, ensuring your CV is up to date is important when applying for any job, and a GP application is no different. Be sure to include all your relevant training and qualifications. After all, you have worked hard to get them. Start it off with a personal statement at the top and be sure to include the dates when listing your previous employment.

In MCG Healthcare’s experience, many GPs could be better at providing this important information, so it is best to start with these basics.

GP Application: Step Two

Once your CV has been polished, updated and sent to the potential employer, it is time for the first interview.

It will usually take place within a week in person, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, interviews may be virtual.

The timing for this process could differ, though. It will depend on how urgently the role needs to be filled and the number of applicants.

GP Application: Step Three

After a maximum of two weeks, applicants will usually be offered a second interview. Normally, it would be in person and include a tour around the surgery and an introduction to other staff members.

Again, this will depend on Covid-19 requirements, but it would usually need to be face-to-face.

GP Application: Step Four

Step four of the GP application is the exciting part, we would have everything verbally agreed including pay, days of work, expectations and a formal offer letter is drawn up and sent out.

The formal offer will include more detail about this position, including pay. Despite what many people think, a GP’s pay is based on supplier demand. So, GPs in London are not necessarily paid more, generally the pay is better in locations where there is a shortage.

You can find out what vacancies are available in our jobs section.

About the author
Roberto Orlandi Recruitment Manager

Roberto Orlandi is the GP Recruitment Manager at MCG Healthcare. He specialises in working on large scale recruitment campaigns within the Primary Care Sector but predominately with GPs. Having spent over seven years in the industry, he has a passion for providing solutions to the NHS and ensuring patients receive the care they deserve.

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