GP jobs in Eastbourne & Hastings

MCG Healthcare works with two of the largest practice groups in this area, providing ad hoc and long-term locum roles for general practitioners, advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) and practice nurses.

Unfortunately we currently have no GP jobs in Eastbourne & Hastings, Below are some other jobs you might be interested in.

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GP work in Eastbourne & Hastings

Why work in Eastbourne and Hastings?

East Sussex is dominated by picturesque coastal towns such as Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea, which have a joint population of around 200,000 people. This beautiful part of the country is full of history and culture, and cosmopolitan Brighton is also close by.

How can I work in Eastbourne and Hastings?

Talented medical professionals are always in demand, so we make it easy to get registered with our CQC-compliant process and can also help with DBS renewals.

Once you’re up and running, you can use our online training portal for your ongoing learning and development needs.

Why join MCG Healthcare?

Our ad hoc and long-term locum roles for GP positions pay up to £800 per day. Locum rates for advanced nurse practitioners (ANP) and practice nurses can be as much as £50 per hour.

We also have salaried opportunities. For GPs, the pay scale goes up to £10,000 per session for GPs, while ANPs and practice nurses can earn £55,000 per annum.

FAQs about being a GP

  • What do I do after I get my CCT?

    First of all, celebrate! This is a big deal and you’ve worked hard to get to this position. Your certificate of completion of training means you’ve completed your UK training programme and you’re now eligible for entry onto the Specialist Register or GP Register. You’ll also need to apply to join the Performers List for the area of the UK you’re planning on working in. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have individual registers and the process for applying differs in each devolved nation of the UK.

  • Do you offer Tier 2 sponsorship?

    We do not currently offer Tier 2 sponsorship. We do work with practices across the UK who do offer Tier 2 sponsorship though.

  • Will you send my CV to surgeries without my permission?

    Absolutely not. Aside from this being against GDPR, we believe that you should be in control of where your CV goes. We’ll always speak to you first about roles in surgeries and get your permission to send your CV across.

  • Can you find me remote work? Can you find me non-clinical roles?

    No, we do not currently work with sites offering remote work. Neither do we currently provide assistance in finding non-clinical roles.

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