Student nurses: the top 10 universities to study nursing in the UK

Previously sitting at number two in the top 10 rankings in 2016, Glasgow has been named the best UK based university to study nursing in 2015. Whilst the majority of this year's top 10 are newcomers to the dizzying new heights that they have achieved, no University has experienced a sharper climb up the table than Sheffield University - who have jumped from being ranked 34th to 7th. Glasgow superseded Edinburgh in this year’s rankings, with Edinburgh taking the top prize in 2015 – highlighting the fact that Scotland is a good place to study nursing.

See below for the entire list.

1st Place – Glasgow (ranked 2nd in 2015)

2nd Place – Surrey (ranked 13th in 2015)

3rd Place – Birmingham (ranked 26th in 2015)

4th Place – Liverpool (ranked 3rd in 2015)

5th Place – East Anglia (ranked 8th in 2015)

6th Place – Edinburgh (ranked 1st in 2015)

7th Place – Sheffield (ranked 34th in 2015)

8th Place – Leeds (ranked 5th in 2015)

9th Place – Kings College London (ranked 10th in 2015)

10th Place – Cardiff (ranked 12th in 2015)

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