Our In-House Clinical Specialist

At McGinley Healthcare we pride ourselves on not only our human touch, but also the wealth of real-world nursing experience that we have within the team.  We strongly believe that having this experience helps us to not only find better job opportunities and have a greater empathy with the day-today problems that can face you as nurses, but it also allows us to create solutions.  

We asked our clinical specialist Deborah Browne to write a short piece about how she can help you with your day-to-day role and, if you’re very lucky, instructions on how to bag some home-made cake… 

Hello to all my lovely McGinley Colleagues!  As ever it’s fabulous to have another opportunity to keep in touch with you in addition to our appraisals when we can have a catch up, so I can hear how you’ve been!  Thank you for all your hard work for McGinley Healthcare. 

I was pleased to see the new package McGinley Healthcare were offering to all of you recently, paying for NMC registration and money towards training, and it’s something that I’d certainly encourage you to investigate, it’s an incredibly valuable resource! Apart from this offering, our main push at the moment is focusing on keeping all of our professional statuses up to date with Revalidation, with ever more required of us year-on-year. I completely understand that as an Agency worker it is difficult enough for us with yearly references, let alone the additional headache of Appraisal and Revalidation, but this is where I step in to, hopefully, make your lives a little easier!  It’s worth noting that I now compete appraisals suitable for Revalidation evidence, so do drop in on me whenever you can if you need help with this. 

I tell you all that I am always here for advice or support and I stand by that, no matter is too great or small and I will always be pleased to assist any of you in any way that I can. From May I intend to hold Clinics in Manchester and London where we can meet for coffee (as well as a slice of my famous homemade cake) to continue our help and support for you with formal Appraisal and Revalidation support.  If these would be of interest to you, please do contact the team for more information and to make an appointment. 

So, take care and I look forward to seeing you all out on shift or for a quick coffee if you’ve time! 

To contact Deborah and the team you can call us on 0330 024 1345 or hello@mcginleyhealthcare.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you in due course!


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