Our Healthcare Experiences

For most agencies, recruitment & healthcare can be a tough combination with the core values of both seemingly very different.  Healthcare based on the individual relationships developed between caregiver and patient, with recruitment often a revolving door, moving from one job to the next in a fashion that could be viewed as dispassionate. 

We know this.  We know that most agencies struggle to find the right balance between the two.  We also know that we are not most recruitment agencies.

We know that any agency you represent needs to have a passion for you and what you stand for.  We know that your wellbeing directly correlates with your ability to give your patients the very best care.  We know that for you to perform at your maximum, you need an agency that makes you completely comfortable.  We know that you need to be confident that the agency understands your unique requirements as a care giver. 

But this knowledge was not built up over night.  We have been building an outstanding team from the ground up for four years now, focusing on individuals who are not just outstanding in their recruitment roles, but also those with a wealth of experience within the healthcare sector itself.  With over 65 years of combined healthcare experience, we believe our team is uniquely placed to help identify outstanding roles within the sector. 

Our Sales Support Daima Boudy previously worked as a Senior Care Assistant in a Mental Health Care Home where she was responsible for a floor of 28 residents with high levels of dementia, leading a team of Care Assistants to ensure the highest levels of care were achieved.  From administering medication, working with District Nurses and collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, Daima’s experience ensured the personal care of each individual was consistently met.

Today, Daima’s role as our Sales Support allows her to go above and beyond in her support of our candidates because she truly understands how hard they work and their passion for high care levels.   Daima’s compassion allows for quick registration so that these nurses are ready to work and support the most vulnerable as soon as possible.

We believe that our team’s experience within the very heart of the healthcare sector itself allows us to provide a unique level of care to you as nurses and provide the combination between healthcare and recruitment that is lacking.  We truly believe that if we can look after you, then we can in-turn help those who are most in need of your help.  A seamless experience, a dedicated team, let us look after you.

If you’d be interested in letting us look after you, then contact the team on 0330 024 1345 or drop us an email on hello@mcginleyhealthcare.co.uk and we’d be delighted to discuss the placement opportunities in your area.

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